Econ One’s expert economists have experience across a wide variety of services including antitrust, class certification, damages, financial markets and securities, intellectual property, international arbitration, labor and employment, and valuation and financial analysis.


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Real Experience Means Real Value

Econ One’s expert economists have been educated in some of the country’s best graduate programs. However, it’s our years of experience in applying economic theory to real-world questions that set us apart. We know how to combine theoretical and empirical analyses and have the capability to develop sophisticated economic and econometric models. Our extensive industry experience and the know-how to dig through data and documents to understand the facts of the case result in Econ One being a trusted partner.

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Our Experts are Qualified and Have the Necessary Experience

Expert Services

We Offer a Wide Range of Services from Antitrust to Valuation

Industry Support

We have Extensive Experience Across a Diverse set of Industries

Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics services empower businesses with advanced insights and data-driven decision-making. We excel in predictive modeling, algorithmic data analysis, and advanced data visualization. Our team partners with clients across diverse industries to enhance operations and guide strategic choices. Utilizing AI and machine learning, we perform in-depth customer churn and sentiment analyses and provide expert loyalty program consulting. From customer segmentation to predictive analytics, we offer customized solutions that boost efficiency, improve customer retention, and maximize profitability, helping clients achieve a fully data-driven organization. Discover more on our dedicated Data Analytics page.

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Litigation Support

Econ One’s full-cycle litigation support provides comprehensive economic analysis and expert consulting services before, during, and after litigation. Our experienced economists offer data-driven insights for case strategies, damage quantification, and compelling court evidence.

Our services include pre-litigation support to shape legal strategies, neutral third-party data processing and economic consulting for unbiased analysis, and post-litigation support for damage recalculations, settlement distributions, and ongoing assessments. Using advanced econometric models and rigorous methodologies, Econ One ensures thorough, defensible analyses and clear, concise reports, making us a trusted partner in navigating complex litigation processes.

Global Availability

Econ One has offices and experts throughout the United States and abroad.

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July 3, 2024