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Econ One’s expert economists have experience across a wide variety of services including antitrust, class certification, damages, financial markets and securities, intellectual property, international arbitration, labor and employment, and valuation and financial analysis.


Econ One’s resources including blogs, cases, news, and more provide a collection of materials from Econ One’s experts.

Providing Expert Services

Econ One offers expert economic consulting services tailored to meet the needs of clients in complex legal and regulatory matters. Our team of experienced economists provide robust, data-driven analysis for matters such as antitrust, class certification, damages, intellectual property, and international arbitration. We utilize advanced econometric models and economic theory to deliver clear, concise reports and compelling testimony. With a deep understanding of economics and industry-specific knowledge, Econ One is a trusted partner for navigating the intricacies of litigation and regulatory challenges.

Cryptocurrency Investor Claims Could Quickly Stack Up

Table of Contents A major controversy surrounding the multi-trillion dollar cryptocurrency market centers on whether cryptocurrencies (and other digital assets)

Recent Developments in Right to Repair and How an Expert Economist Can Help Your Case

Index   What is Right To Repair Right to repair is a term that refers to consumers having the right

Putting a Fair Price on “Priceless”

How do we assign an objective value to things that are “priceless”? The conundrum is not new. One only needs

Decrypting Cryptocurrency by Focusing on Decentralized Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are driving much of the dynamism of the cryptocurrency economy.[1] These exchanges, built on blockchain and smart contract

Economic Perspectives on the Role of Information Disclosure in SPACs

Originally Published by Business Law Today (August 10, 2022) A ruling in In re Multiplan Corp. Stockholder Litigation accepting the

Employment Discrimination Cases: A Forensic Economist’s Perspective

Federal and State laws prohibit workplace discrimination. When an employee or a job applicant alleges to be a victim of

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How Deep is Your Bench? Recent Benchmark Manipulation Antitrust Cases

As litigations involving LIBOR, ISDAfix, Forex and various commodity benchmarks indicate, benchmarks that serve as reference rates and the underlying

Data Anonymization: Data Security

One common consideration among our clients is data security. In addition to securely storing the data we use and closely

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