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December 7, 2017

Automotive Parts Antitrust Litigation

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Antitrust Division is conducting an ongoing criminal investigation into price-fixing and bid-rigging conspiracies involving the sale of automotive parts to automobile manufacturers and end users. It is the largest-ever price-fixing investigation by the DOJ, and to date, it has resulted in $2.9 billion in total fines, with 46 companies pleading guilty to price-fixing and bid-rigging. Additionally, 32 executives have been convicted.

The price-fixing and bid-rigging spanned many different auto parts, including but not limited to valve timing control devices, air conditioning systems, occupant safety systems, exhaust systems, windshield washer systems, windshield wiper systems, instrument panel clusters, fuel injection systems, electronic braking systems, heater control panels, and electronic power steering assemblies.

Since 2012, Econ One has been working with a major international OEM to analyze the impact of the conspiracy and calculate overcharges from purchases of impacted parts and RFQs from dozens of parts suppliers. To date, Econ One has worked closely with the client and OEM to analyze large amounts of contract, payment, and part-specific data and calculate overcharges, which have translated into successful settlements for the OEM of substantial size.

More recently, Econ One has helped the OEM successfully file claim forms and provided assistance in calculating total purchases of specific parts from relevant suppliers.

Services: Antitrust, Price Fixing
Industries: Automotive

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