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M.S., Statistics with a focus in Econometrics, Univ. of Utah. Thesis published in Intellectual Property Damages: Guidelines and Analysis, 2004 Supplement – Applying Statistical Analysis to the Market Approach

B.A. Duke University, Economics/Psychology.

Empirical Analytics (Director), 2010-2019

Wasatch Economics (Director), 2008-2010

North Harvard Group (Consultant), 2006-2008

LECG, LLC (Managing Economist), 1997-2000, 2001-2006

DynCorp, HealthCare Information Technology Services (Statistical Analyst), 2000

U.S. District Court

State Court

Administrative Law, Arbitration

Public Utilities Commission

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September 17, 2019

Luxe Hospitality Company v. SBE Entertainment Group

In this trademark infringement case, Plaintiff Luxe Hospitality filed a trademark infringement claim against SBE for the unauthorized use of the “Lux” mark.

Ted Tatos was engaged by Plaintiff Luxe Hospitality to investigate evidence of consumer confusion and likelihood of economic impact resulting from Defendants’ use the trademark. Mr. Tatos was also engaged to critique Defendants’ experts with regard to consumer confusion and secondary meaning. He submitted two reports and a declaration in this matter.

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