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February 18, 2021

Krista Holt to speak at the Copyright Society Midwinter meeting.

Join Managing Director Krista Holt on February 24 for her session at the Copyright Society Midwinter meeting: Unmasking the Mysteries of the Statute of Limitations and a Short Course on Navigating through a Daubert Challenge in Copyright.

An overview of the session: The statute of limitations sometimes bedevils copyright litigators on both sides of the fence. “Has the claim accrued;” “is it tolled;” and “how far back in time can I seek infringing damages” are just three of the questions that copyright litigators must answer. Using the polling feature on Zoom the panel will ask the audience a series of statute of limitations hypotheticals and then debate and explain the “correct” answers. We will then turn to an expert who will guide us through designing a Daubert-proof survey and damages report in copyright and then explain how to successfully navigate through the inevitable Daubert challenge.

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