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Managing Director

D.B.A.-International Business & Economics, Nathan Bisk College of Business, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL. 2019.

SEP- Senior Executive Program, Columbia University, New York. 1996.

M.A.-  International Economics & Corporate Finance, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, SA. 1989.

B.A.-Economics & Psychology, University of Cape Town, SA. 1980.





1993 – 1994 London Business School, London. Corporate Finance Program.

1986 – 1988 School of Industrial Organization (EOI), Madrid, Grenoble, Master in Business Administration (MBA).

1981 – 1986 Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. Degree in Economics and Business Administration.




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July 8, 2024

Econ One’s International Arbitration Team Presented at a European Chambers of Commerce ESG Sustainability Event

On June 27, 2024,  Jean-Marie van der Elst and Marian Portero from Econ One’s International Arbitration Group, co-sponsored and presented at the European Chambers of Commerce in Spain event on “Innovation, Growth and New Technologies” hosted at the European Commission in Madrid, Spain.

This significant international event brought together a number of distinguished speakers, moderators, and over 120 attendees to deliberate on “ESG Sustainability Across Business Opportunities, People, and Impact.” Discussions emphasized the financial impacts of ESG regulations and compliance, including in dispute resolution, and showcased the progress of major international corporations, including NAVANTIA, AMAZON, ISS & COMPU CAMPO in sustainability and the circular economy. The event highlighted non-financial contributions and plans for new sustainable practices, with companies expressing readiness to support SMEs.

The agenda, was opened by Ms. Anna Armengol of the European Commission in Spain and Ms. Marianne Koefoed of the Spanish-Danish Chamber, featured key presentations on “Sustainability and its Impacts” from Jaime Silos (FORÉTICA), Daniel del Castillo Mora (NAVANTIA), and Jean-Marie van der Elst (Econ One Research Inc). Two round table discussions were also held: “Current Situation,” with insights from Ana Martínez-Pina (Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados), Andrés Pérez Monzón (AUREN), José Ignacio Jiménez Salamanca (ECM-Studio), and Ms. María José García (GESVALT), and a second table on “Implemented Tools,” featured Ms. Maria Teresa Gómez Condado (CEOE Campus), Ms. Eulalia Devesa (ISS Facility Services Spain), Ms. Mónica Galeote (Amazon Spain), and Ing. Gerardo García Barragan (Compu Campo, Mexico).

The event concluded with a networking café, fostering commercial and personal connections. Special thanks were given to the European Commission in Spain and the European Chambers for their support, emphasizing collaboration and new business opportunities.”

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