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Senior Economist

George Washington University, Washington, DC - Ph.D. in Decision Sciences

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA - M.S. in Quantitative and Computational Finance

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA - B.S. in Business Information Technology

EconONE Research, Washington, DC - Senior Economist – Energy and Analytics, 2023 - Present

J.S. Held, Reston, VA - Senior Director – Energy Economics, 2022-2023

Charles River Associates, Washington, DC - Principal – Energy Practice, 2015-2022

Dominion Energy, Richmond, VA - Real Time Energy Trader – Energy Supply, 2008-2010

Goran Vojvodic

Goran Vojvodic is a Senior Economist at Econ One. His background is in operations research. Dr. Vojvodic is an expert in prescriptive analytics and he also has a specialized focus on economic analyses within the energy sector. He uses quantitative methods such as optimization, stochastic modeling, and decision analysis to provide strategic recommendations and data-driven insights to enhance decision-making.

In the realm of energy, Dr. Vojvodic is a subject matter expert on market modeling in resource adequacy, resource planning, environmental compliance evaluation, and regulatory cases. Additionally, he is an expert on market power and M&A transactions. He has advised attorneys, investors, electric utilities, and power producers. Prior to consulting, his industry experience included working on the trading desk at a major vertically integrated utility.

In addition to more than ten years of energy industry experience, Dr. Vojvodic has researched various energy market and electrical grid concepts from an academic perspective. His doctoral dissertation and published articles are focused on applying optimization and stochastic modeling to issues faced by energy markets participants in economic dispatch and capacity expansion planning.

Key Expertise

  • Energy Sector Overview & Summary: Power market operations, 24/7 Carbon-free energy, Capacity expansion, Resource planning/adequacy, Renewable and storage integration, M&A transaction support
  • Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization, Mathematical programming, Mixed-integer modeling, Simulation, Stochastic analysis, Decision analysis, Analytic hierarchy process


Vojvodic, G., L. J. Novoa, and A. I. Jarrah, Experimentation with Benders Decomposition for Solving the Two Timescale Stochastic Generation Capacity Expansion Problem, EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, Volume 11, 2023. https://tinyurl.com/gvcapexp

Vojvodic, G., A.I. Jarrah, and D.P. Morton, Forward Thresholds for Operation of Pumped-Storage Stations in the Real-Time Energy Market, European Journal of Operational Research, 254, 1, 253-268, 2016. – Awarded “2018 Best Publication in Energy” from INFORMS – Section on Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment. https://tinyurl.com/gvstorage